If you are looking to raise money on your existing property by renting out, Browning Rose can help you with arranging a let to buy scheme and a mortgage on a new property. The increasing demand for rental properties means many people are considering keeping their first home with the intention to rent it out and moving into a new property.

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Is It For You?

The Let-to-Buy mortgage, in essence, allows you to take out a new mortgage on a new home, whilst keeping your existing house and renting out to tenants. Depending on the equity on your existing property, you may even be able to take out a let to buy mortgage without a cash deposit. The management of two properties and dealing with the responsibilities can be hard enough - that's why Browning Rose uses its expertise and contacts to carefully navigate you round a Let-to-Buy mortgage.

Let-to-Buy and Its Advantages

If you do decide to choose the Let-to-Buy option, it has lots of benefits and advantages. Your current property will be become a long term investment - the mortgage is covered by the tenants rent and could potentially be the start of a property portfolio. Perhaps you have to or want to relocate, Let to Buy means you can move anywhere in the UK and purchase a new property, all whilst earning rent on your existing one. If you are considering a ‘chain situation’ where selling your property isn't going to plan and proving difficult, Let to buy can ultimately make all the difference.

Let-to-Buy and Its Advantages

Not as Straightforward

Different lending have different calculations on Let-to-Buy mortgages, and often a huge variety of factors are taken into consideration when you are accessed by lenders. At Browning Rose we use our vast expertise and knowledge to really personalise and find the best deals for you and your lifestyle. We take care of the main concerns such as; affordability, proposed rental income, becoming a landlord and consent to let and much more. We take out the stress and make the steps easy. Browning Rose always aim to make the whole process as straightforward and uncomplicated as possible - so you can focus on earning money and moving into your new home.

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