There are a huge variety of reasons why you might want to remortgage your house. It could be that you want to get a better deal on your existing one, your current one is coming to an end or you want to switch lenders. Whatever the reason, it can sometimes be very difficult and complicated. Browning Rose accesses each individual situation and case to give our clients the very best deal when it comes to remortgaging their homes or properties. Our services and advice are always impartial, with our only aim being getting you the best deal.

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Whatever the reason

In the past few years many people have taken advantage of some of the ‘highly competitive and short term fixed rates on their mortgages. Although this has been effective for the two or three years they lasted, some may be coming to an end - which means the prices might rise and the borrowing agreement seems confusing and unfair.

Other fundamental reasons for remortgaging a property could be;

  • Change in personal circumstances,
  • To avoid missing out on a good mortgage product
  • Borrowers with tracker mortgages where the interest rates look set to potentially rise
  • To make home improvements or to consolidate debt

Whatever the reason, Browning Rose endeavour to find the best solution for you and your needs.

Finding the best solution

No matter the basis and the goals, remortgaging could potentially reduce monthly repayments, generate extra funds and provide huge savings as a result. Browning Rose offers bespoke packages catered to each circumstance to provide you with the best solution for you and your property in the most cost-effective, quickest way. We search the whole mortgage market and our advisors can give you impartial advice on whether you could benefit from remortgaging. We base our finds not only on costs, but every individual feature and detail to cater to your needs, whilst giving you a step by step jargon free guide from start to finish.

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